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Every business strives to be efficient, competitive and innovative. The challenge most often lies in not what to do, but how best to get there.

Bulky, disparate legacy systems may work for firms just looking to survive. However these solutions are inadequate for modern financial institutions looking to thrive by seamlessly integrating Trading, Risk, Operations, Compliance, Reporting, Data and Technology. In order to do this efficiently, firms need one single, simplified, right-sized solution.

PortfolioOne is an integrated, modular, turn-key, all-in-one, front-to-back investment management platform. It supports a broader range of asset classes than any other portfolio management system on the market, is the only system of its kind to support crypto assets in production, and is steeped in years of real-world usage at some of the world’s largest and most complex financial institutions.

Don’t just survive. Help your business thrive with PortfolioOne.

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Execution Management Systems
Portfolio Management
Live P/L
Trade Capture
Front Office
Risk Monitoring
Performance Attribution
Middle Office
Straight- through- processing
Trade Reporting
Back Office
Limit Monitoring
Regulatory Reporting
Restriction Management
Reporting / Alerting
Data Warehousing
API Connectivity
Enterprise Data Management
General Ledger
Execution Management Systems
Front Office
  • Live P/L
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trade Capture
  • Real-time P/L (Listed + OTC)
  • Mobile and Desktop Interfaces
  • Real-time Sensitivities
  • Real-time VaR and Vol
  • Template-based OTC Trade Entry
  • OMS/EMS Integration (FIX)
  • Automated Trade Allocations
  • Customized Portfolio Reporting
  • Calibrated Curves and Surfaces
Front Office
Investment professionals require accurate, timely, and consolidated portfolio and analytic information in order to operate efficiently and maximize returns. Disconnected Front, Middle, and Back Office solutions, including the heavy reliance on Excel spreadsheets, introduce a lack of consistency and greatly increase the potential for error.

Portfolio Management

PortfolioOne provides an integrated front-to-back solution for Equity, Fixed Income, Liquid and Structured Credit, FX, Volatility, and Real Estate investments, eliminating error-prone data transformations and ensuring consistent, real-time reporting.

Scenario Analysis

PortfolioOne is deployed with standardized scenario definitions and can accommodate additional bespoke scenarios in support of both investment decision making and risk management.

Turn-Key Pricing and Risk

Standard pricing models and calibrated market data provide turn-key pricing and risk for both real-time and historical portfolios.

Flexible Tagging and Reporting

PortfolioOne can be customized and extended with an unlimited set of tags — allowing you to organize and enrich your portfolio and apply live and historical attribution of analytics such as P&L, Risk, and Commissions enhancing your ability to organize, visualize and analyze your strategies and positions.

Calculation Engine

PortfolioOne provides a robust framework for embedding custom calculations and complex rules in support of trade processing, risk management, alerting, and reporting.

Real-Time on your iPhone

PortfolioOne live is available on your iOS-based device, providing configurable real-time P&L, Risk, and Portfolio Management on-the-go.
Middle Office
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Valuation
  • Performance Attribution
  • Historical Sensitivities
  • Historical Daily VaR and Vol
  • Standardized and Bespoke Stress Testing
  • Fixed Income Accrual Calculation
  • Custom Risk Limit Monitoring/Alerting
  • Concentration Analysis
  • Period-to-date P/L and Gross Returns
  • Flash and Final P/L Generation
  • Fund and PM Capital Management
  • Historical Performance Attribution
  • Tax Lot Generation
Middle Office
Risk and performance measurement require accurate trade, security, position, and market data inputs in addition to integrated cross-asset-class models to ensure analytic consistency.

Security Master

Our industry-leading Global Security Master provides comprehensive, accurate, pre-populated terms and conditions for millions of globally traded assets, greatly reducing the likelihood of errors in Trade Entry, Compliance, P&L and Risk reporting.

Turn-Key Pricing and Risk

Standard pricing models and calibrated market data provide turn-key pricing and risk for both real-time and historical portfolios.

Market Scenarios

Our Scenario Definition Language empowers you to create bespoke portfolio shocks and analyze the impact at any level of your portfolio.


PortfolioOne Alerts provide configurable and proactive monitoring for mandate-based portfolio concentration limits, pricing thresholds, data inconsistencies, and more.

Accurate and Timely P&L Production

PortfolioOne automatically captures end-of-day pricing and risk in accordance with your Valuation Policies — facilitating quick and accurate production of daily/monthly/annual P&L.

Analytics Management

Easily customize our standard market data objects, override market conventions and model inputs, and define your own pricing objects through our Analytics Management interface.
Back Office
  • Straight-through-processing
  • Treasury
  • Trade Reporting
  • Straight-through-processing (STP)
  • Middleware Integration
  • Trade informs to PBs/FCMs and Administrators
  • Free Cash/Margin Management
  • Repo Financing Tool
  • Automated Trade Allocations
  • Automated Settlement Calculations
  • Integrated ISDA CDS Calculator
  • Acquisition Interest Calculation
Back Office
Efficient Portfolio and Risk Management requires accurate and timely operational data including trade details, security terms and conditions, and both historical and live position information.

Seamless Data Integration

PortfolioOne provides a fully-integrated, real-time experience between your Front, Middle, and Back Office, ensuring that error prone data transformations are eliminated and everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.

Accurate Reference Data

Our industry-leading Global Security Master provides you with accurate, pre-populated terms and conditions for millions of globally tradable securities, virtually eliminating the potential for transcription errors or stale security data.

Trade Allocations

Automate fund-level trade allocations with simple fixed percentage rules or complex position and NAV-based allocation strategies, while monitoring for non-standard trade allocations or position variances with our Alerting and Reporting modules.


Integration with industry-leading affirmation/confirmation platforms provides operational efficiency and ensures T+0 accuracy across asset classes.

Automated Trade Capture

FIX Connectivity coupled with our Straight-Through-Processing engine creates an automated, cross-asset trade capture experience, improving operational efficiency while dramatically reducing the potential for error.


PortfolioOne Alerting provides configurable and comprehensive data quality checks for topics such as pricing, reconciliation, and upcoming/expired lifecycle events (e.g. option expirations, financing ladders), increasing operational efficiency and bolstering confidence in report quality across your firm.

Streamlined OTC Deal Entry

User configurable template-based trade entry makes booking complex OTC deals as quick and simple as booking a listed equity order. Automatic creation of underlying securities (when needed) means order booking is a one-step process.
  • Limit Monitoring
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Restriction Management
  • Restricted Trading List Management (Issuer + Security)
  • Support for Form PF, CPO-PQR, AIFMD and MAS filings
  • Futures Speculative Limit Monitoring
  • Beneficial ownership reporting (US & UK)
  • EMIR, MiFID, and MiFID ll reporting
  • European Short Sale Regulation
  • UK Takeover Panel Reporting
Compliance monitoring and reporting requires an accurate, timely, and consolidated view of position, trading, and exposure data across funds, portfolios, and asset classes simultaneously.

Concentration Analysis

PortfolioOne provides a consolidated, cross-asset-class interface to view all investments by fund, portfolio manager, issuer, security type, country, region, and other attributes relevant to compliance management.

Security Master

Compliance features throughout the platform are powered by our industry-leading Global Security Master which provides accurate, pre-populated terms and conditions for millions of globally traded assets and their corresponding issuer relationships.

Restricted Trading List Clearance

Enable investment professionals to request trade approvals against multiple Restricted Trading Lists while maintaining a full historical record of inquiries and results.

Intelligent Trade Allocation

Automatically exclude funds from trade allocations due to jurisdictional requirements, mandate-based Restricted Trading Lists, or any other Compliance criteria.

Compliance Reporting

Streamline regulatory report generation and internal sign-off across Form PF, CPO-PQR, and AIFMD Annex IV with our out-of-the box templates and customizable interpretations, ensuring consistency across asset classes and reporting regimes.

Shareholder Disclosures

PortfolioOne generates consistent disclosure reporting across US and European regulations.


Leverage Portfolio Alerting to proactively monitor trade activity, position concentrations, and other compliance mandates.

Audit Trails

Comprehensive audit trails are maintained for every data point throughout the platform, accurately attributing all actions to specific individuals.
Enterprise Data Management
  • Reporting/Alerting
  • Data Warehousing
  • API Connectivity
  • Real-time Portfolio Data Warehouse
  • Powerful Multi-Asset Security Master
  • Prepopulated Security Terms & Conditions
  • Custom Calculation Engine (C# based)
  • Proactive Operational, Risk & Compliance Alerting
  • Scheduled & Ad hoc Reporting
  • Extensible Data Model (Lookup Tables, Tags, Enumerations)
  • Powerful Query Language & APIs
  • Excel Add-In (P1XL)
Enterprise Data Management
Integrated and accurate portfolio data is critical to both internal and external reporting. Complex data cross-references and transformations across multiple front and back office systems dramatically increases the potential for error as well as labor involved in producing comprehensive reports.

Data Warehouse

PortfolioOne provides data warehouse and reporting functionality with both UI and API access to pivot position, trade, security, exposure, and performance/return data across your business.

Report Generation

Leverage our standardized reports or define and subscribe to your own customized reports from within the PortfolioOne platform.

Tagging and Customization

Embed simple or complex calculations and external data lookups with our integrated C# interpreter and extensible tagging environment.

Custom Alerts

Define bespoke PortfolioOne Alerts by leveraging our comprehensive data model and embedded C# interpreter to proactively identify data anomalies before they materialize in downstream reporting.

Data Interfaces

Interface with PortfolioOne through our Excel Add-In (P1XL), Web Services, or our custom query language, PQL.
General Ledger


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